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Travel During Pregnancy



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It is considered safe to travel during 2nd trimester and of-course depending upon person to person and circumstances. I was more active during my first pregnancy but didn’t get the chance to travel except alone from Mumbai to Guwahati to my parent`s home for delivery.

During my 2nd pregnancy my health was not in great condition. We had plans to travel to Bali during my son’s summer vacation,(during my 2nd trimester) but had to drop it as i was not in a position to travel long distance. But we managed to travel to our hometown and few short trips by road in and around Guwahati. The places we visited are Shillong, Samdrup Jongkhar(in Bhutan) and Chandubi Lake.


Here I have mentioned some basic points to keep in mind when traveling during pregnancy. 

1) Listen to your body. You only know whether you can travel or not and by which mode of transport. Travel isn’t recommended for those with high-risk pregnancy conditions

2) Wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Feeling comfortable in your clothes should be your priority. There are many sites and shops available now-a-days for maternity wear.  Wear comfortable shoes specially which can be removed easily

3) Take your medicines and food on time. Don’t try to postpone your mealtime.

4) Keep some snacks and a water bottle with you all the time. Keeping something to eat like fruits, dry fruits, homemade sandwich or roti will always come in handy. In one of my trip we had plans to have our lunch at the destination, and reaching the place would take some 1hour. And I started feeling hungry. Luckily I was carrying few bananas with me.

5) If you have one more child then it is always preferable to carry a car seat. If they have the habit of traveling in your lap, explain to them before commencing the journey why you cant take them in your lap anymore




6) Plan ahead. Always tell your practitioner about your travel plans before booking your tickets. Since I traveled by air both the times I asked my doctor to give me in writing that I am fit to travel

7) Take your time. Don’t rush. It is advisable to leave home early if you need to catch a train or plane as rushing up is not a good idea and you might need to take little rest in between.

8) If traveling by air, check with the airlines if they have any policies

9) Move your legs around or take short breaks. Take a stroll up to the cabin every once in a while of traveling by air. Or short breaks if you are traveling by car.

10) Wear your seat belt all the time. It is always advisable to wear seat-belts all the time to avoid any kinds of sudden jerks.

Every persons requirement is different. Please share is there anything else you want to add.