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5 Best organic baby food brands in India 2020

5 Best Organic Baby Food Brands in India 2020

Solids foods should be introduced to babies only after they complete 6 months of age. And providing a balanced meal is every parent’s concern. Babies should be given freshly cooked homemade food, but there will be days when it will be difficult to make everything from scratch, or you are too tired to make one. Store-bought food can be very helpful in such circumstances or when a mom has joined work again. They are not substitutes for meals every day. It can be difficult to choose the right food as babies should be fed food that is free from chemicals and preservatives.

As a new mom with no elders to advise me and looking after the house, I too struggle initially looking for the right nutritional food for my child.

Here I have listed the 5 best organic baby food brands in India that are made from organic produce and free from any preservatives.

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Earlyfoods: 5 Best organic baby food brands in India 2020

Earlyfoods is founded by Shalini that envisions feeding fresh, natural, and chemical-free food for children. She came up with the idea of starting this brand as she couldn’t find too many healthy options for her child.

Read her story here to know about their premium range of organic food for moms, babies, and kids. Keeping in mind the daily nutritional need. They are fresh and completely chemical or preservative-free.

5 Best organic baby food brands in India 2020
5 Best organic baby food brands in India 2020

Here is the list of food they have for kids and babies under different categories:


Natural Sweeteners & Health Mixes:

Organic Jaggery Cookies



5 Best organic baby food brands in India 2020

Foxtail Almond Jaggery Cookies

  • Dry Fruit Jaggery Cookies
  • Jowar Almond Jaggery Cookies
  • Multi-grain Millet Jaggery Cookies
  • Ragi and Choco Jaggery Cookies
  • Ragi & Amaranth Jaggery Cookies

Teething sticks:

5 Best organic baby food brands in India 2020
5 Best organic baby food brands in India 2020

  • Whole Wheat Ajwain Jaggery Teething Sticks
  • Ragi & Sesame Jaggery Teething Sticks
  • Millet & Sesame Jaggery Teething Sticks

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MylittleMoppet: 5 Best organic baby food brands in India 2020

Founded by Dr.Hema, who is a medical doctor by profession, MylittleMoppet is a brand of wholesome and pure homemade baby food products, made without preservatives, added sugar or salt, or any added flavors. They are 100% Organic, Natural, and Safe for your baby and toddler.

5 Best organic baby food brands in India 2020
5 Best organic baby food brands in India 2020

Let’s see what they have for babies and toddlers under different categories:

  • Organic Oatmeal
  • Banana Makhana Cereal
  • Organic Barley Cereal for Babies
  • Sprouted Ragi Banana Cereal
  • Banana Oats Cereal for Babies
  • Banana Wheat Cereal
  • Organic Brown Rice Cereal
  • Organic Rice Cereal
  • Quick Oats Cereal
  • Banana Rice Cereal
  • Banana Soya Cereal

Health Mix:

5 Best organic baby food brands in India 2020
5 Best organic baby food brands in India 2020

Instant-Mixes: Instant mixes are great during travels. They are super easy to make. Just add hot water and close the lid for 5 minutes

  • Sprouted Ragi mix
  • Rice Khichdi Powder
  • Wheat Dalia Elaichi Powder
  • Wheat Dalia Moongdal Mix
  • Ragi Moongdal Powder
  • Instant Bajra Moongdal Powder
  • Rice Khichdi (with Toor dal)
  • Soya Rice Porridge Powder


5 Best organic baby food brands in India 2020
5 Best organic baby food brands in India 2020

Bygrandma is another Indian brand that has organic baby foods and personal care products. Their products are free from any kind of preservatives. Apart from baby food they also have herbal baby bath powder, cold relief oil, health drink for toddlers, and mothers.

For babies they have the following organic cereals and porridges:

  • Sprouted Ragi Porridge Mix
  • Plain Rice Porridge Mix
  • Sprouted Moong Dal and Rice Porridge Mix
  • Wheat and Roasted Gram Porridge Mix
  • Sprouted Wheat and Beetroot with Almonds Porridge Mix
  • Broken Wheat And Moong Dal Porridge Mix
  • Sprouted Wheat, Carrot with Almonds and Dates Porridge Mix
  • Sprouted Ragi, Green Gram, Dalia with Almonds Porridge Mix
  • Ragi and Oats Porridge Mix
  • Sprouted Wheat and Apple with Almonds Porridge Mix
  • Sprouted Multigrain Mix with Walnuts For Brain Development
  • Health Porridge Mix – Wheat, Dates, and Almond For Grown-up and Adults

Mimmoorganics: 5 Best organic baby food brands in India 2020

5 Best organic baby food brands in India
5 Best organic baby food brands in India

Mimmoorganics is a well-known know popular certified baby food brand in India. It is founded by a mom, who came up with this company while looking for the right mix of solid food for her baby. Their teething wafers, pasta are quite popular among babies, toddlers, and even moms.

Their organic baby cereal contains mixtures of organic grain flours blended with organic fruit or vegetable powder.

Mimoorganicss organic baby cereal range includes:

1st Bites: 5 Best organic baby food brands in India 2020

5 Best organic baby food brands in India 2020
5 Best organic baby food brands in India

1st Bites caters not only with organic baby food but with a whole lot of other varieties across different categories like:

  • Organic Baby Food
  • Organic Millets
  • Nutrillet Millets & Flours
  • Breakfast Cereals
  • Ready to Eat Foods
  • Bread & Bakery Products
  • Millet Biscuits
  • Rice & Rice Products
  • Organic Flour

In baby food they have:

Make sure you check wheater any food is well suited to your baby or not. Feed only a little amount to check for any reaction or allergies.

Baby Care Essentials

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Teething in Babies: Symptoms and Remedies

Teething in Babies: Symptoms and remedies

Teething in babies in another milestone both for the baby and for the parents. Teething can occur as early as 4 months to 24 months and it can be an irritating/discomfort feeling for some babies while some don’t show any signs at all. Many parents associate teething with fever and diarrhea, but researchers say these symptoms aren’t indications of teething.  The two bottom front teeth are usually the first to appear, followed by the two top front teeth.

Some common signs of teething in babies:

  • Drooling
  • Crankiness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Slight Temperature
  • Chewing on objects

You may also read when and how to start solid food to baby

How to soothe a teething baby: Remedies for teething in babies

Teething is a natural process that every child goes through. Though I personally don`t recommend any ODC product, it is best to seek advice from your pediatrician. One can try the following tips to ease the irritability and discomfort of the child.

  • Massage the gums with your clean finger
  • Give a cold steel spoon to chew on
  • Teething toys
  • Teething sticks
  • Teething necklace
  • Cold foods like a chilled slice of cucumber, banana, carrot can be given  if your baby is already eating solids but always remember to keep a watchful eye on them as this could be a choking hazard

And once your little one does cut a tooth or two, make sure to take good care to clean the area each day with a damp washcloth or soft bristle baby toothbrush. Continue with the habit of brushing otherwise they might not allow brushing their teeth once they are little older (as it happened with my son). Check out a few soft-bristle baby toothbrush from Amazon. Do drop in your comments about your teething experience with your little ones.

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Monsoon Care For Children and New and Expected Moms

With the arrival of the monsoon bringing relief to our body and mind, rains at the same time bring uninvited guests in the form of disease-spreading germs and mosquitoes. There are few things a child, a new mother, and expected mothers should keep in mind to stay safe and healthy, and these are: ⁣

👉Keep your hands clean: Monsoon Care For Children and New and Expected Moms

It is very important, especially for young children to wash their hands and feet thoroughly after they come back home from outside. They keep roaming around, play messy games, and through hands germs find their entry into kids’ bodies. New moms keep your hands clean before engaging with your newborn. Always carry hand sanitizer while stepping out of the house.



         To buy other sanitizer click here:  hand sanitizer


👉Eat seasonal and fresh fruits and vegetables: Monsoon Care For Children and New and Expected Moms

Have fresh fruits like Jamun, mangoes, litchi, pears, plums, and freshly prepared vegetables. Vegetables like bitter gourd and bitter herbs like neem, turmeric powder, and methi seeds help in preventing infections.

Remember to soak fruits and vegetables in salt/vinegar water for some time to get rid of harmful chemicals and worms.

Especially new and expected moms avoid:

  • Street food
  • Cut Fruits as flies are carriers of many diseases
  • Eating raw leafy vegetables

Keep dry fruits like almonds, cashew, walnuts, pista with you when going out. They come in very handy. You can pack them in small containers or wax food wrap instead of aluminum foil. I bought these wax wood wraps from @iktaraeco_zerowasteindia,

Monsoon Care For Children and New and Expected Moms
Organic Food Wraps


👉Drink homemade soup, juice, and coconut water⁣:

Like avoiding outside food during this rainy season, it is also better to avoid drinks from roadside stalls. Instead, make juices at home and drink them immediately.
Coconut water which is easily available is not only refreshing but also includes minerals like potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, fiber, carbs, protein, sodium, calcium. Expected moms should include coconut water in their diet.

I always my travel cutlery pouch to avoid those plastic straws. (Travel cutlery pouch bought from @iktaraeco_zerowasteindia).
A bowl of a piping hot soup made at home from mushrooms, dark & leafy vegetables, meat will boost your immunity. And adding spices like cloves, pepper, cardamom, ginger, garlic will add a fresh flavor to your soup and aid digestion. You can buy straw here stainless straw and cutlery pouch

👉Keep your child clean and dry⁣:

Humidity in the air during monsoon makes clothes difficult to dry quickly. It is preferable to use warm iron over these clothes before storing them, to remove moisture. Extra sets of clothes, nappies, and diapers should be kept ready, specifically for babies. Keep checking for any kind of fungal infection underarms, neck, waist, toes, and diaper area.

👉Change diapers/nappies frequently or go diaper-free⁣:

Change diapers and nappies frequently during the rainy season, as little ones pee more during rains. A wet nappy or diaper could give your child a cold, diaper rash and provide a breeding place for bacteria. During the rainy season, you will need to build a huge stash as it takes more time for cloth diapers to dry. Also, let your child go nappy/diaper-free for some time. Check some cloth diapers here

Monsoon Care For Children and New and Expected Moms
Cloth Diapers

👉Keep mosquitoes away⁣:

Dress your kids in long pants and a full-sleeved top to prevent mosquito bites. Keep your baby`s bed /cot/pram covered with a mosquito net when they are sleeping. Use mosquito repellent made especially for babies and toddlers while going out.

Clear mosquitoes breeding grounds

Buy mosquito repellent for kids here:

Monsoon Care For Children and New and Expected Moms

👉Treat any cold, cough, fever immediately⁣ and take the required vaccine:


Treat any cold, cough, fever immediately⁣, rather than waiting for it to resolve itself. A warm massage with mustard oil and garlic can do wonders. Doctors may recommend getting a flu vaccine.

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👉Keep child and expected mothers away from sick  people⁣

Keep children away from sick people as their immune system is still developing.

👉 Invest in good rain gear⁣ and wear appropriate clothes⁣

Invest in good quality rain gear and wear appropriate clothes. Invest in a good quality raincoat and umbrella, bigger in size that will last 2-3 years, rather than buying that cheap one which can be used only twice or thrice in a year.
With changes in temperature and humidity, let your child wear comfortable clothes. Take an extra set of clothes if going for outings. Firstcry has some wonderful collections of raincoats and umbrellas. To buy click here:

                                        Monsoon Care For Children and New and Expected Moms

P. S: Views expressed here are personal opinions.

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Kids packing list: For one day outing.

Kids packing list: For one day outing.

Duration: 7-8 hours.

Toddler`s age: 2.5 yrs – 4 years

Going out with your toddler for a full day or half day also requires planning and packing your bag accordingly. Keeping a checklist of items on what to pack will make packing hassle-free. I prefer to pack my bag a day earlier or the first thing in the morning, to avoid the last-minute rush. Kids’ packing list differs from person to person. A packing list for the day might be different from one for the road trip or when traveling by flight or train.  But there are few things which you will always require no matter where you go.

Check here Road trips with a baby and toddler in India

2 things to keep in mind before packing kids bag are:

1. The Destination:

If you have not been to the place do try to find out about the place. Are you going to a friend’s or relative’s place or for a fun outing, to attend some event, going out shopping, or going to the beach? One need to pack your kids bag accordingly.

2. The Bag:

What type of bag to carry? A large tote bag, diaper bag, or two separate bags, one for your toddler and one for yourself. I prefer to carry one large bag which will fit everything, instead of two separate bags. Have a look at Tote bags: tote bags and diaper bag


Kids packing list: For one day outing.
                 Diaper Bag

Kids packing list: Checklist of items to carry

1. Clothes: Kids packing list

Always carry an extra set of clothes keeping in mind the weather conditions and the destination. 2-3 hand towels or cloth- napkin/paper napkins or wet- wipes. Buy wipes here: wipes

2. Water:

I always prefer to carry water from home. I found this leak-proof water bottle very handy. This insulated water bottle can be used to store hot/ warm water and it will be very useful during winters.


Kids packing list
Insulated Water Bottle


3. Food:

Even if your child is big enough to eat outside food, do carry some snacks with you because you never know when they will feel hungry or in case they refuse to have the food served at the venue. Snacks like protein biscuits, dry fruits, cakes can be easily carried in a small container with lids. And they easily fit into your bags also. Have a look at containers with lid: Tupperware Tropical Plastic Container Set, 230ml, Set of 2, Multicolour

4. Diapers:

Carry a few diapers if your little one is still using one. My son was well potty trained by 18 months, so I didn’t carry any diapers. I made him eat papaya in the morning and he cleared his bowel very leaving the house( I was so relaxed). One can even carry this portable baby child potty urinal emergency toilet. This will fit into a large tote bag.


5. Toys:

Carry one or two small toys in case they get bored or you are stuck in traffic.


Other Essentials to include in kid`s packing list

These are some other essentials that you might require: Face Cream, Mosquito repellent, Umbrella, Hand sanitizer, Mask and Trash bag

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