How I prepared my son for the arrival of his sibling

Arrival of a new member in the family can be a difficult transition for older children if not prepared in advance.  Integration of a new baby into the family can create an emotional crisis for children.
If you have planned for a 2nd baby or you just discovered that your are going to be parents again, it is better to involve your elder one in your pregnancy journey right from the beginning.

Here are few points which I would love to share that helped me in preparing my son in welcoming his sibling.

1) Try to know/ understand what they feel about babies in general.

Ask them would they want someone to play with or share their toys? My son would get excited whenever he sees a  baby. He would tell me “mama I want a baby”.This was one great positive factor for us

‌2) Take them to your doctor’s visit and scan.

I would take him everytime with me for all my doctor s visit and sonography and used to tell him before going for sonography that today we are going to look at the baby and see what is the baby doing inside( is the baby sleeping, or is the baby dancing or  is the baby doing potty). This would made him laugh and curious.

3) Let them talk to your unborn child

I would to ask him to talk to the baby. Let him ask questions.

4) Keep telling them that they will become Big brother/Sister of the baby. With that they will have to change baby’s diapers, apply cream, make them sleep etc.

5) Let them choose or take their opinion before buying something for the baby.

6) Let the father or other members of the family to take charge of the elder one. E. g dropping or picking up from school/bus stop, taking bath, feeding them, making them sleep without you.

Tell me moms who have 2 child what did u do? Would love to hear from you.

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