Monsoon Care For Children and New and Expected Moms



With the arrival of monsoon  bringing relief to our body and mind, rains at the same time bring uninvited guests in the form of disease-spreading germs and mosquitoes. There are few things a child, a new mother and expected mothers should keep in mind to stay safe and healthy, and these are: ⁣

👉Keep your hands clean

It is very important, specially young children to wash their hands and feet thoroughly after they come back home from outside. They keep roaming around, play messy games and through hands germs find their entry into kids body. New moms keep your hands clean before engaging with your new born.

It is always better to keep a hand sanitizer with you while stepping out of the house. I would recommend Kiddie hand sanitizer from @organicscedar which are alcohol and chemical free and comes in reusable glass bottle. (Safe for babies above 6 months.)        



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👉Eat seasonal and fresh fruits and vegetables:

Have fresh cut fruits like jamun, mangoes,litchi, pears, plums and freashly prepared vegetables. Vegetables like bitter gourd, and bitter herbs like neem, turmeric powder and methi seeds help in preventing infections.

Remember to soak fruits and vegetables in salt/vinegar water for some time to get rid of harmful chemicals and worms.

Specially new and expected moms avoid:

  • Street food
  • Cut Fruits as flies are carriers of many diseases
  • Eating raw leafy vegetables

Keep dry fruits like almonds, cashew, walnuts,pista with you when going out. They come in very handy. You can pack them small containers or wax food wrap instead of aluminum foil. I bought these wax wood wrap from @iktaraeco_zerowasteindia .



👉Drink homemade soup, juice and coconut water⁣

Like avoiding outside food during this rainy season, it is also better to avoid drinks from road side stalls. Instead make juices at home and drink it immediately.
Coconut water which is easily available, is not only refreshing, but also includes minerals like potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, fiber, carbs, protein, sodium, calcium. Expected moms should include coconut water into their diet.

I always my travel cutlery pouch to avoid those plastic straws. (Travel cutlery pouch bought from @iktaraeco_zerowasteindia).
A bowl of piping hot soup made at home from mushrooms, dark & leafy vegetables, meat will boost your immunity. And adding spices like cloves, pepper, cardamon, ginger , garlic will add a fresh flavour to your soup and aid digestion. You can buy straw here stainless straw and cutlery pouch cutlery pouch

👉Keep your child clean and dry⁣

Humidity in the air during monsoon makes clothes difficult to dry quickly. It is preferable to use warm iron over these clothes before storing them, to remove moisture. Extra set of clothes, nappies and diapers should be kept ready, specifically for babies. Keep checking for any kind of fungal infection under arms, neck, waist, toes and diaper area.

👉Change diapers/nappies frequently or go diaper free⁣

Change diapers and nappies frequently during rainy season, as little ones pee more during rains. A wet nappy or diaper could give your child cold, diaper rash and provide a breeding place for bacteria. During rainy season you will need to build a huge stash as it takes more time for cloth diapers to dry. Also let your child go nappy/diaper free for some time. Buy cloth diapers here: cloth diapers and


👉Keep mosquitoes away⁣

Dress your kids in long pants and full sleeved top to prevent from mosquito bites. Keep your babys  bed /cot/pram covered with mosquito net when they are sleeping. Use mosquito repellent made specially for babies and toddlers while going out. Clear mosquitoes breeding grounds. I am currently using mamaearths mosquito repellent. To buy click here:Mamaearth Natural Insect Repellent for babies (100 ml) and


👉Treat any cold, cough, fever immediately⁣ and take required vaccine


Treat any cold, cough, fever immediately⁣, rather than waiting for it to resolve itself. A warm massage with mustard oil and garlic can do wonders. Doctors may recommend getting a flu vaccine.

👉Keep child and expected mothers away from sick     people⁣

Keep child away from sick people as their immune system is still developing.

👉 Invest in good rain gear⁣ and wear appropriate clothes⁣

Invest in good quality rain gear and wear appropriate clothes.
Invest in good quality raincoat and umbrella, bigger in size that will last 2-3 years, rather than buying those cheap one which can be used only twice or thrice in a year.
With change in temperature and humidity, let your child wear comfortable clothes. Take an extra set of clothes if going for outings. Firstcry has some wonderful collections of raincoats and umbrellas. To buy click here:


P. S: Views expressed here are personal opinion.

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