Zero Waste Travel Tips With a Toddler: How I did it.

We have been practicing green methods at home for some time now and this time I adopted the same while traveling to Pondicherry with my 3 years old son. We have been trying to lead a sustainable lifestyle by adopting green methods like compositing wet waste at home, buying plastic packaging free materials, making our own cosmetics/toiletries, floor cleaner,using reusable straw,cup , cutlery etc. giving away all kinds of plastic items and food pouches for recycling.

One of the most important things, we can do to protect our environment  is, to find ways to reduce waste. There is not a perfect zero-waste solution, but there are some little things we can each do. It just requires some advance planning.

Single-use items like- water bottles, cups, straws, have an impact not only on the environment but also on us.

What did I do to cut down on waste while traveling especially with a toddler:

  • Packed our own  food in reusable containers (or reusable food wrap) instead of buying that are wrapped in plastics
  • Carried our own water bottles and refilled it after security check-in. Refilled at regular intervals from drinking water station
  • Carried reusable ,steel straw handkerchief,  steel cup, cutlery and containers
  • Cloth diapers (in case of emergency)
  • Cloth pad and mensuration cup (in case of emergencies) (cloth pad)
  • Loose green tea leaves
  • Electric kettle
  • Carried toiletries like- shampoo bar, detergent powder, soap,
  • Steel straws, spoons, snacks in small containers for the little one
  • Requested the hotel staff to provide drinking water in a jar instead of water bottles



As a result I could save 10 single-use straws from going to trash. No unnecessary buying of water bottles.

Trash that we generated:

  • One water bottle that was kept in the hotel room and my little one

was feeling thirsty

  • 2 chocolate wraps someone gave it (which I got back with me)

I am most guilty about carbon footprints that I contribute while taking a flight. I know flying is bad for the environment and all, but unfortunately, it was my only option.’Otherwise we mostly travel by public transport or on foot.

Planning ahead for the trip will not only help you lessen your environmental impact, but it will also make your whole traveling experience more enjoyable.

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